Chocolates of Glenshiel Chocolate Bars

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70g bars of locally produced Chocolates of Glenshiel packed full of delicious flavour combinations!

White chocolate and raspberry:

Smooth white chocolate, sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries perfectly balances with the sweetness of the chocolate.

Milk chocolate and highland roast coffee:

Milk Chocolate with whole coffee beans and roasted coffee grounds. The sweet and smooth milk chocolate complimented beautifully by the slightly bitter Highland roasted coffee.

Dark chocolate and Skye sea salt:

The taste of the salty sea adds a subtle contrast to the smooth dark chocolate. A taste of the Scottish Island.

Dark chocolate and haggis Spice:

A blend of dark chocolate, Skye sea salt, nutmeg, mace and cracked black pepper creates a contemporary take on the traditional Scottish dish. Vegan friendly

Scottish Tablet:

Scotland's answer to fudge. Crisp initially, tablet melts beautifully withour creamy milk chocolate.

Salted Caramel and Hazelnut:

Sea salt from the Isle of Skye with caramel, toasted Hazelnuts, and our creamy milk chocolate.

Espresso Martini:

Milk chocolate with Ogilvy vodka from Forfar and coffee roasted in Inverness.

Cuillin Mint Cake:

Dark chocolate with a peppermint tablet made by the Isle of Skye Fudge Company.