Our Lovely Goods Soy Wax Candles

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100% Natural soy wax candles with pure essential oils, hand poured in Scotland.

40hr burn time.

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Recyclable amber glass jar

- A Quiet Moment: Inspired by moments of stillness, to rest and reflect. Green Tea + Jasmine + Amber

- Coast: Reminiscent of a wind swept walk along the shore. Wood + Sea Salt + Sage

- Golden Hour: Inspired by that magical moment, when the light hits just right the warm glow of late summer and the gradual change in seasons. Mandarin + Sandalwood + Moss.

- Home Again: Inspired by slow mornings at home. Grapefruit + Rosemary + Lemongrass. Citrusy, fresh, herbaceous.

- Into the Woods: Evoking the fresh natural aroma of Evergreen Pine. Pine + Bergamot + Clove

- One evening: is all about making the most of cosy evenings by candlelight. Cedarwood + Jasmine + Thyme.

- Road to Port Harcourt: Inspired by the bustling and rugged city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Vetiver + Bergamot +Black Pepper. Earthy, Spicy, Woody

- Somewhere Far Away: Transport yourself to somewhere a little warmer. Coconut + Vanilla + Lime.

-Sunday Morning: Reminiscent of a windswept walk along the shore. Raspberry + Whiteflowers + Musk.

- The Old Library: Teakwood - Honeysuckle - Amber

Inspired by the comforting scent of an old classic book

- Winter Spice: Cinnamon - Orange Zest - Cardamom

A spicy and cheerful scent which fills the room with it's delicious and festive aroma!