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Ember: Aroma - woody, smokey

An essential oils blend of cedarwood and frankincense , with subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Let the comforting scents of smoke and spice take you back to the times that were.

A dimming afternoon. Your hand in mine, wandering home with warmth in our hearts.

Embers are the smouldering remains of a fire, the remains of a past emotion. They’re the memories of times shared. The feelings we can’t forget.

Yule:  Aroma - citrus, spice

Hurry to the open the door and the comfort of home, to the scent of orange, cardamom and cinnamon. Christmas spices to see in the new year, to mark a new beginning.  Hoarfrost on the park. Visible breath and a clarity in the air. The windows of the houses aglow wherever we look.  Yule is the old English word for Christmastide, the twelve-day festival that celebrated the end of the year, the height of the winter season, a time for drinking, eating and playing games.

Candle Details

Each candle has been hand poured using 100% pure essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits.

The European grown rapeseed wax blend is a more sustainable alternative to soy wax and still provides a long lasting burn.

175g frosted amber jar creates a beautiful glow when lit and has a wooden lid to keep the dust out when not lit.  40hour burn time

75g travel tin with a burn time of approximately 15 hours.